Pokdeng, Baccarat, brothers and sisters cards that must be understood before playing

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Pokdeng, Baccarat, brothers and sisters that must be understood before playing. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to sit and play poker with my neighbors. There is one interesting point when suddenly. There is a card leg in the band saying that bounce and baccarat are the same cards. And then a controversy arose. some say like. Some say it’s not the same It’s a different card. So I went to do my homework that in the end. The two cards that are popular to play both at home and in online casinos. Is it really the same. So where is it different. Is baccarat available to play at home or not. Which I have prepared the answer in this article.

Baccarat - Pokdeng

The story of Pok Deng and the card band near the house

Let me start with the cards that are close to the ones that many people are well known for. Such as Pok Deng. This card will have 2 or more players and the dealer is the dealer. And the side that receives the cards will be called legs. It is a popular card played in both small and large casinos. Or even festivals, parties, or even black and white events close to home are also available to play. Like being a friend to the host

The amount of time it takes to continue playing Pok Deng‘s game is quite quick. Because it’s easy to play and uses luck as the main. Starting from the dealer dealing 2 cards to each player. You can cycle in any direction. But must end with the dealer last. Then everyone will sum the card points received. And then take the points to measure with the dealer to decide whether to lose or win In playing. There will be 2 periods together.

In the 2 card range,

 the player who has a total of 8 or 9 points is called Pok Deng and whoever has Pok Eight or Pok Nine must show their cards to the dealer immediately. If the dealer doesn’t poke or gets less pok, then the dealer’s bet will be eaten. On the contrary, if the dealer has a bigger Pok or get poked will immediately show the cards to measure the points with every card leg in the circle When all points have been measured, it is considered the end of the game.

3 card range.

 In this round, only the players who do not pok with the dealer only Which each person will be able to choose whether to call 1 more card or not. Here, many people choose not to catch more cards if there are points between 5-7 points or there is a bounce in their hand.

Baccarat, the card king of online casinos

play now online casino Whoever does not have Baccarat cards to play would be strange. Because it is considered the most popular card. with universal rules There are card dealers, also known as dealers, who deal cards to the banker and the player side. We have a duty to predict which side will win. or whether it is a tie, then the dealer will take the points of both sides to measure If we guess correctly, the bet will be taken home. But if not, then lose the bet. except in the event that we bet on either side to win but if the result is always We will not lose bets on this one. And if we stab a tie, then the result is always This one receives a maximum reward of 8 times the bet.

For the method of measuring points is similar to Pok Deng , which side has a higher score or is close to 9 will win. The combined points will use only the unit digits in calculations, for example, the player’s side has cards 7 and 9, like a total of 16, it’s considered 6 points, but the banker’s side has cards 3 and 6, totaling up to 9, this is considered the side The dealer wins

But in the pay rate of baccarat, if we bet on the player’s side and win, we will get 1 time profit, excluding capital, bet 100 baht, get 100 baht profit, but if bet on the banker’s side and win We will get only 0.95 times profit, excluding capital, bet 100, get 95 profit because the other 5 baht or 5% of the bet will be deducted as a commission. which here may or may not be, depending on the table to determine But most often have already. because it is another source of income online casino

Baccarat-Pokdeng 3

So similar to this size, what’s the difference between bounce and baccarat?

From what I’ve said, it can be seen that the two cards are similar in that Use the same 2 starting cards, the points are summed by using the unit digit as a measure, the maximum is 9 points too. And there are conditions for drawing a 3rd card as well. But in fact, if we look in detail, we will see the difference as follows.

play place

Pok Deng , needless to say, you can play anywhere from banana groves behind the house to Online casinos, but baccarat can be played accordingly. Online casinos or live casinos only

used equipment

Because it is a circle of cards near the house, the movement must be fast as well. Therefore, Pok Deng uses only 1 deck of cards and another sheet. As for baccarat, it is necessary to have a betting table and chairs for gamblers to sit and risk their luck as well. It also requires up to 8 decks of cards that are shuffled and put into baccarat holds for dealing cards as well.

how to play

Pok Deng We will play with our own hand to measure against the dealer’s card. Placing bets can be as much as you want, but must not exceed the amount set by the dealer. As for baccarat, we must predict which side will win between the dealer and the player (like cheering for boxing) and watching the dealer’s game execution. r

How do you pay?

for bounce The payout rate will be clear, for example, if you get 2 bounces, you get 2x bets, if you get a 5x bet, as for baccarat, there will be more details here. If the player wins pays 1 time, the banker wins pays 0.95 times, if the result is a draw, pays 8 times.

Conditions for calling the 3rd card

In Pokdeng , one more card is called only if the dealer does not poke during the 2 card range. Now the dealer has to play against the remaining players. It is a player who does not poke in the same round of 2 cards, who may or may not draw more, depending on their will.

Baccarat-Pokdeng 1

As for Baccarat, there will be more details in calling the 3rd card as follows.

  1. When the player or banker has a score of 8-9 points, make a decision immediately.
  2. But if the player’s side gets 6-7 points, they can’t draw more and must stay idle.
  • If 6-7 points are the same, then decide the result immediately. no more draws
  • If 0-5 points, draw 1 more card before deciding.
  1. If the Player side gets 0-5 points, draw 1 more card, then the Banker side will draw more or not, depending on the following conditions
  • If the dealer has 0 – 2 points, draw 1 more card on the player’s side.
  • If the dealer has 3 and the player’s 3rd card is not 8, draw 1 more.
  • If the dealer has 4 and the player’s 3rd card is between 2 – 7, draw 1 more.
  • If the Banker has 5 and the Player’s 3rd card is between 4 – 7, draw 1 more.
  • If the dealer has 6 and the player’s 3rd card is between 6 – 7 draw 1 more.
  • If the dealer has 7 points, it cannot draw more.

Although the terms of the 3rd card of Baccarat are complicated, but do not have to think too much because in this part, the dealer will take care of it. But we need to know in order not to let the chickens complain about the shore. Online casinos play cheating, despite the fact that we do not understand the rules ourselves. It’s embarrassing.

At this point, I think that many people will understand and see that Pok Deng and Baccarat are different. How to play when talking to anyone will know about it. Or if it’s easy to remember , baccarat is not played outside. online casino that’s enough

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