how to play card Only card games with low points will win.

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how to play card Only card games with low points will win. In general playing cards, whether it’s baccarat, dragon tiger. Bounce and many others, the only way to win is to have more cards. Have bigger flowers. That probably doesn’t work with card games. Even though they’re not bizarre. But there is still something to look for. Especially the winning conditions that seem a bit strange until online casinos. Some of them are interested in opening the service ever. But how strange it is, how to play. In this article, there are already answers.

Where did the card come from?

Originally, this type of card was originally played as one of our southerners, where the word “Kang” is a southern language, meaning “tilt” in the playing cards, often saying “Kang down ” . in many areas Many companies have developed this card game into an online game. to play along Online casinos as well

Is the card difficult to play?

Many people may be worried that this strange card game has a complicated way to play. say no Using simple equipment, just 1 deck of cards and 2-6 players, each round takes no more than 15 minutes. The rules are up to the band or table to be set up. For this game, there is no dealer. But there will be 1 player acting to deal cards instead. Each person receives 5 cards each.

After getting the cards, we come to score the cards in the hand. If it comes to a round that we have to play and think that the cards in the hand are low. Can be confused, say “Chang” with the cards face down on the table. Then the other players turn their cards over. If our cards are actually the lowest points will be the winner eat all the money But if someone has less points We will lose immediately We will have to pay money to people with lower scores. with money equal to the amount in the pot

Vocabulary to know in the band

In this type of card band, there are specific words or words as follows:

  • Community cards refer to the cards placed in the middle of the circle. All players can draw at their own turn.
  • Draw means to draw a community card.
  • Kang means playing cards when they think the cards in the hand are low. along with saying “Kaeng”
  • By means discarding cards according to the previous player. Discarded cards must be cards of the same rank or face of the same face only, for example, the first person discards a 7. When it comes to the turn of the second person with a face card of 7 in his hand, he can discard the card according to the first person.
  • Out of hand means having only one card left in your hand. Occurs when the previous player discards a card. And we only have one card left. If this card is the same as the one that was previously discarded We will discard the last card accordingly, equal to “out of hand” or not having any cards left.
card 1

Rules and counting of cards

Because playing, we use only 1 deck of cards and mainly use counting points. Therefore, the suit does not affect the size of the card. In other words, the faces of the same face value are equal. which each face card has the following values

  • Face card A is worth 1 point.
  • Face cards 2-10 have the same face value.
  • Three foreign cards J, Q, K are worth 10 points.

how to play card

In playing cards, there are simple steps as follows:

  1. All players must place their bets into the pool. How many baht is up to the player or the rules that the table set up
  2. One player dealt cards to other players, starting themselves and turning left or right. Until each player gets a total of 5 cards here online casinos Some places will use the method to deal the first card first and see who has the least points. That person will be the first to start the game.
  3. The first player to get a card will begin to draw 1 community card and choose 1 card. In their hand to discard by choosing the card with the most points. In order to have the lowest card left in the hand for holding, holding, or following other players until their hand is empty
  4. The next player will see if the card the first player dropped can follow or not.
  • If able to follow, discard the following cards.
  • If unable to follow, draw 1 community card and discard the card with the most points from your hand. If the drawn card has the same value as the one in the hand.
  1. The rest of the players keep doing the same if they think their hand is low. 
  • If the card is still the lowest point is true will be the winner and get the money back
  • If it’s still there, someone else scores less. The person who suspects will have to pay money to the person whose points are less than the amount in the pot.
  1. If the community runs out before someone says “Kang”, all players must discard their hand to determine who has the lowest score. and will have the winner in that round
card 2

special rules

In addition to counting card points as usual, there are also special rules that will affect the loss and win in 3 cases as follows:

  • Case 1, when all 5 cards are dealt, a player gets three cards. will be considered an immediate winner. If that round has more than 1 player getting a triple card, you have to see who’s card is the biggest. that person will win
  • Case 2, when all 5 cards are dealt, if a player receives all 5 of the same cards, it is considered the winner immediately.
  • Case 3, when all 5 cards are dealt, if a player gets a full 50 points (5 cards with 10 points, 5 cards can be mixed), it is considered the winner immediately.

At this point, you might feel that this card is easy to play, right? Hopefully this article will be useful to those who are interested in playing cards, whether it is a circle of cards near home or according to online casino And finally, before parting, if you want to be a card gambler, you must practice, practice, play with discipline in playing as well. Then gambling will not be scary anymore.

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