The best way to play Somsib that turns a pig into a master

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The best way to play Somsib that turns a pig into a master. As soon as I saw the word Somsip. The first thing that came to my mind was a simple card game played as a kid. Just put the cards together to get ten points and you’re done. But when I grew up, I knew that the things. We played when we were young were used in the world of Online casinos not at all. The cards that are easy to see. In fact, there are many things that are piled up. And today I will take everyone to know more about Somsip cards. So that the actual playing time will not turn into a pig in favor of him to eat

mix ten

What is Som Ten?

Whether it’s Som Ten or Mixed Ten. It’s the same card. This type of card is easy to play, using only 2-6 players is enough. But if you want to have a good fit. It must be 4-6 people with only 1 deck of cards. The players’ luck and technique. As for the playing time per round. It will be approximately 15 minutes.

Although it looks like a simple game, but the fun, I can say that it is not inferior to poker or dummy, of course, because we have to constantly think that if we discard the cards in our hand, who will collect them and use them? And then the next card that will come out, can we use it or not?

The way to play is simple, just mix 3 pairs of cards in your hand to get 10 points. Whoever completes 3 pairs first will be the winner, which can only be one person.

How to count card points Som Ten

No matter what kind of card game it is, what is indispensable is counting the card points.

  • Numbered face cards 2-9 have the same number of points as their face numbers.
  • The Ace card is worth 1 point.
  • The 10, J, Q, K cards have a total of 10 points and can only be mixed with yourself. Same face but different flowers) cannot be paired with other cards
  • Joker card This card is like a free one. Can be matched with all cards except poo.
  • Bad cards are cards that have no points. Cannot be paired with other cards have to leave alone. The occurrence of a poo card will occur only when the Joker card that is not 5, 10, J, Q and K.

* A simple way of thinking about poo cards is that a card. That can be combined with a joker card usually gets 10 points, for example, a joker is 3 shit, it’s 7, or a joker is 4, and shit is 6.

 Rules of playing Somsip

  1. The first player who mixes 10 points with all 3 pairs of cards is the winner.
  2. One face-up card that is the middle card is called a Joker card. It can be substituted for any card except itself. Let’s say the Joker card comes out 2. The 2nd face card will be combined with any card to get 10 points except 8 because now it is considered. 8 becomes a shit card, whoever gets this card has to discard it only.
  3. All players are dealt 5 cards each.
  4. Each player can only draw 1 card from the pile or the card left by other players per round.
  5. In each round the player must choose one card to discard after drawing a card from the pot. to keep the remaining 5 cards in the hand the same
  6. The cards that are collected must be the cards. That were dropped by the previous player only.

How to play Somsip

For how to play, there are steps as follows.

  1. The dealer deals 5 cards to each player.
  2. After all players have received all the cards. The Joker cards are placed face down on the table.
  3. The remaining cards from the deal will be the community card to draw more.
  4. Players must match cards in their hand to get 10 points, if not, then go.
  5. The first player draws 1 card. Now there are 3 pairs of cards (6 cards) in their hand. If all 3 pairs of cards are mixed up to 10 points it wins. But if not all must choose 1 card and discard face down on the table.
  6. The next player can choose to either draw a card from the community or pick up a card left by the previous player. When combined, if you don’t win, you have to discard 1 card.
  7. The other players keep doing the same until there is a winner.
ten mixed cards

Techniques for playing Somsip with Joker cards

If you look at it superficially, it seems that we have to discard the poop cards out of the body quickly in order to keep the other cards with us. which is only half the price Don’t forget that playing Somsip, there can only be one winner. If it’s not at any one, it must stay. at the center While we’re waiting for a pair of 10 pairs, don’t forget to look for the remaining joker cards. Do not accidentally leave it. Because it can be used in place of all other cards. Suppose if we have 3 Joker cards in hand. Just sit and wait or draw any cards. Let’s just say that it’s not a shit card, we just win. But just getting one joker card, I think I’m lucky. If anyone gets 3 of these cards, I think I’m going to be extremely lucky for sure.

And now the Joker card, it has a special feature that if any turn comes out as 10, 5, J, Q, K, that eye will not have a poop card. But it will also change the properties of the cards. Let’s say the Joker card comes out Q. Normally, if it’s not a Joker card. But which turn it turned into a joker card? It will change its value to the opposite, meaning it can mix all cards except yourself.

How are you doing with how to play Som Ten , which I think is not difficult, plus it’s easier than other types of cards that are available to play in Online casinos as well, which if anyone who does not want to gamble online, can use this knowledge to play with friends because gambling games do not always have to end at placing bets.

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