‘Antoni’, the target player, ‘Red Devils’ come back training with ‘Ajax’

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Antoni, the target of Manchester United, returned to training. Called fitness with Ajax Amsterdam and made hopes that Prepare to move to the Red Devils team. Because they did not report to the first day of training must be terminated.

Antoni the left wing of Ajax Amsterdam. The Netherlands champion posted a message with a video clip. Returned to practice with the agency for the first time already. After not coming to report for unknown reasons last Friday. Thus causing the rumor that Prepare to move to Manchester United this summer. 

Brazilian soccer star The target of Erik Ten Hag, a new trainer, Red Devils and the old boss who oversaw the Dutch league team. In addition to Barcelona ‘s midfielder Frenkie de Jong , which they are negotiating with at the moment, and from the Brazilian national team star. Did not attend the team’s first session last week, causing the Red Devils followers to think about a transfer that is going to happen.

However, the 22-year-old recently posted a message and video clip on Instagram saying. Follow and the season has started. Focus on recovery with two thumbs up and running on the track to get fit. The report states. The reason why the practice was delayed was due to permission from the agency to stay longer than others. Because he had just played for his hometown team recently.

Previously, the Red Devils were reported to have made an offer of 40 million pounds, or about 1,720 million baht, for Ajax to consider letting Antoni go, but was disappointed. because it is still far from the wind chimes team Set up at 69 million pounds, or approximately 2,967 million baht, still need to be negotiated.

In addition , German national team defender Timber . Another one of United ‘s goals was set at 52 million pounds, or about 2,236 million baht, plus news that his agent traveled to Manchester. But nothing progressed. The news is likely to be given the green light to rest more from the UFABET club. Therefore, he did not report himself last week.