Rules and order of poker cards, things that must be understood before playing

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Rules and order of poker cards things that must be understood before playing. After getting to know the story of poker cards and then some. Although it is not a very complicated gambling game. But with the fact that it is a game that uses psychology. Including reading the attitude of the players themselves. In order to know how the other party is skilled. At what level, the study of the rules is therefore important and should not be missed. It’s a pig in a helping hand.

Basic terminology used in poker.

Although playing cards and poker at online casinos. It will make it harder to read the player’s attitude. But sometimes there are also players who accidentally slip away. Just don’t understand the words they say in the playing cards. So let’s look at some of the terms that we need to know. And if these words come out, what do we do?

  • Button is a button in front of a player. That person has the status of Dealer and this button will cycle to the other players clockwise.
  • Dealer refers to the position of the dealer or the dealer. But in online casinos. 
  • Hold cards refer to the cards that are dealt. 
  • Big Blind (BB) refers to a player is forced to bet the full minimum amount of the table. The person is Big Blind will have to place a bet of 100 baht immediately.
  • Small Blind (SB) means a player is forced to wager only half of the table’s minimum bet. Assuming the minimum is 100 baht, you must place a bet of 50 baht immediately.
  • Flop refers to the first 3 community cards paid by the dealer in the first round. 
  • Turn refers to the 4th community card from the dealer.
  • River refers to the 5th community card from the dealer.

Rules and methods of playing poker

For poker, there are several betting rounds per game. Betting starts before the cards are dealt. and will continue until all the cards are dealt accordingly Poker Rules The player then puts all 5 cards in the mix in order of cards. to see who’s score is superior In which each game can have more than 1 winner, how to play poker is as follows:

  1. The dealer deals cards to all players on the table. 
  2. After receiving all the cards The player to the left of Big Blind will be the first to start.
  3. In playing, players will be able to choose one of the following:
  • Fold is discarding cards in hand. to say that I don’t want to play in this game anymore Also known as “squat”
  • Call is a bet based on the highest chip bet in that round.
  • Raise If someone raises, the rest must call to make the bets equal or fold.
  • Check : Players can knock on the table to signal their passing. If everyone has checked all the cards, the dealer will start the next round by dealing cards.
  1. After the remaining players repeat step 3, the dealer will deal a 4th community card, known as Turn, to begin the next round.
  2. when the final round The dealer will deal a fifth card, known as the River, onto the table to begin the final round.
  3. At the end of the final round The remaining players have to show their cards to measure their points, whoever mixes 2 cards in their hand and 5 on the table gets more points wins.
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How many types of poker are there?

At this point, many people may understand that there is only one type of poker . But in fact, according to the casino, there are many types of poker cards to play, the main ones being

Texus Hold’em

It is the most popular poker card game. Whoever combines and arranges the cards with the best score wins and sweeps the pot home. 


In this type of poker, players are dealt 4 cards. A total of 5 community cards. But 2 cards in their hand can be used as a substitute for the community. In order to mix 5 cards to get the best possible score.

7/5 Stud

It is a poker card with no community cards to play. The method of playing is that the player is dealt 5 cards (5 Stud) or 7 cards (7 Stud).

5 Stud 

As soon as all 5 cards have been dealt. The player must arrange their suit as much as possible in order to be the winner.

7 Stud 

will deal 7 cards, divided into 5 rounds. There are ways to play as follows.

  • Round 1 3 cards are dealt, the first two cards are face down. and turn over the 3rd leaf
  • Round 2 deal 1 more face up card.
  • Round 3 deal 1 more face up card.
  • Round 4 deal 1 more face up card.
  • Round 5 dealt 1 more card face down. Now there are 7 cards in total.
  • After receiving all the cards Players will choose only 5 cards from their hand to measure their points to determine the winner.

Mix Game Poker

It is a poker with additional rules added. It is known as an applied poker. There are currently 8 in total.

  1. Limit 2-7 Triple Draw
  2. Limit Hold’em
  3. Limit Omaha Eight or Better
  4. Razz
  5. Limit 7 Card Stud
  6. Limit Stud Eight or Better
  7. No Limit Hold’em
  8. Pot Limit Omaha

How to view poker card order

Another chicken release point that makes newbies swarm to eat at the table is not knowing the order of the cards. This card game is not decisive on the card points. but in ordering the cards in the right order Because it will affect the size and card points. This means that the better the arrangement, the more we have a chance to win. In poker , the cards are arranged from largest to smallest as follows:

Royal Straight Flus 

The cards are arranged from Ace, K, Q, J and 10. All having the same suit. The chances of getting this set of cards are very low. The chance of getting out is only 0.00015%.

Straight Flush 

The chance of getting out is only 0.0015%.

Four of kind 

are four cards of the same rank. The odds of the draw are 0.024%.

Full House 

This set of cards has 1 triple card and 1 pair of cards. Judging in the event that someone gets the same suit. will look at the tong set first Then see who’s couple’s dress is bigger. The chance of getting this set of cards is 0.14%.


is a suit of all cards of the same suit. without needing to sort If there are the same exits, use Kicker to decide. The exit chance is 0.2%.


is a card of 5 consecutive cards, not necessarily of the same suit. If there are the same draws, use the largest one as Kicker. For Ace cards, look at what the cards are with. If it is in a group of foreign cards such as A, K, Q, J, 10, here Ace will have the largest point. Straight chance is 0.39 %.

Three of Kind 

is a set of cards with 3 cards of the same rank, if the players are the same, use the remaining 2 cards as a Kicker, the odds are 2.1%.

Two Pair 

If there are other players, Two Pair will look at the first pair first. and then look at the second pair If these two pairs are equal, use the last card as Kicker, 4.75% chance.

One Pair 

is a suit with a 42% chance of coming out because there is only one pair of cards in the suit. Decide whether to lose or win, whoever has the bigger pair wins. 

High Card

 is a card that has a chance of coming out up to 50%. There’s no need to sort anything.

For playing poker , if from the beginning we didn’t have a pair of cards. Or think that the cards can’t line up well, most often choose to discard the cards, even though the High Card has the highest chance of coming out. However, poker is still a card game that doesn’t just use points. but also to bluff or intimidate the other person into thinking to let go of the card That means that even if there is a pair of cards, only if you can’t finish looking at the expressions of the other party. also have the right to be tricked into discarding cards

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