‘Bohly’ talks to agents hoping to bring ‘Ronaldo’ to add to ‘Chelsea’ spear

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New Chelsea owner Todd Bohly was linked with talks. Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent George Mendes last week. By wanting to The veteran striker of Manchester United has spearheaded the Stamford Bridge area.

The Athletic the trusted media of the good country. News reports that Todd Bohly owner of the Chelsea club. The interim sporting director. Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent. George Mendes was in talks last week. To the possibility of pulling in to add to the frontier this summer.

The Blues have agreed to sell striker Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan on loan. Prompting them to look for a new attacking line to replace him. By falling into the news with Raheem Sterling. The striker of Manchester City. But recently reported that Portugal national team captain. It is another goal. That has already been approached in a meeting in the hometown of the subject. 

However, it is not clear whether navy blue lion There will be a serious effort in the chase. Jom smashed the door 37 years old or not. Because he was still worried about doing business. Because it has just taken possession of the UFABET club. The United hopes to hold Veteran screen center to stay with the team for one more season according to the remaining contract 

Ronaldo had previously been linked with Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich, who wanted to represent Poland captain Robert Lewandowski. who refused to return to the team Even if there is another year left on the contract By wanting to move to Barcelona, ​​but the Tigers debuted to extinguish the rumors already. not true

There are also reports that Roma are looking to sign a contract with Golden star kicker due to Jose Mourinho national coach Still believe in scoring and hope to work together again After last season, although the performance of the Red Devils is not good, but Ronaldo has reached 24 goals from 39 games in all competitions until the latest news. League rivals such as Chelsea, who want the same.